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Klimael, a Slovak company specializing in air conditioning services for local residential and commercial properties, is committed to offering affordable installation and maintenance solutions. With 15 years on market, they pride themselves on skilled staff, clean work and friendly customer service.

Problem Statement: Despite investing significantly in advertising, Klimael has struggled to see a satisfactory return of investment. We quickly identified the lack of branding as the primary issue affecting their marketing efforts. With no logo, an outdated website design, and inconsistent naming, their messaging lacks cohesion and fails to leave a lasting impression on the target audience.

Solution: To address these challenges, we proposed a comprehensive solution. We recognized that a well-designed logo, a clear website, and a consistent brand identity are essential elements for any successful business. By creating a unified brand experience, we ensured that individuals transitioning from online or offline advertisements encountered a cohesive and trustworthy brand image.

Overall, our solution not only addresses Klimael's immediate branding concerns but also positions them uniquely in the local industry. By establishing a strong and consistent brand presence, Klimael stands out as the only company in the area with proper visual identity and a website, ultimately reinforcing its market position and increasing its competitive edge.




Logo, Website

Visual Identity


The brand's name is composed of two parts: 'KLIMA,' which represents 'air conditioning' in Slovak, and 'el,' an abbreviation for 'electricity.' The initial section of the logo is bold and confident, proudly showcasing capitalized letters. To visually convey the brand's association with the electricity sector, the last two letters of the brand name were creatively used to depict an electricity cord that ends with a plug. This design choice reinforces the connection between the brand and its services in both air conditioning and electricity.


The logo's electricity plug takes on the appearance of a smiley face when rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. This unique feature provides versatility, making it suitable for use as a favicon or sticker. The clever design transformation adds a touch of playfulness to the brand's visual identity, allowing for creative applications in various contexts, from online branding to tangible promotional materials.


The chosen color palette for Klimael reflects the brand category. By selecting a deep blue complemented by a hint of turquoise, we aimed to convey a sense of masculinity and strength associated with the brand. This distinctive color combination sets Klimael apart from competitors, who often lean towards a more conventional palette of white and blue. The intentional divergence in color not only enhances Klimael's visibility but also reinforces its unique identity in a market saturated with similar brands.


Design Examples

The new logo, implemented on company vehicles, uniforms and stationery, contributes to enhancing Klimael's brand visibility.


The revamped website, now condensed into a user-friendly one-page format, serves as a crucial touchpoint, especially for those engaged through online ads. The improved website includes comprehensive information, including a FAQ section, facilitating potential clients in making informed decisions.

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