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Team: Sára Králová, Barbora Hlubučková, Nicoline Eibye, Jeremy Bohdan

Landbrugslotteriet (engl. transl. Agricultural Lottery) is a Danish non-profitable lottery. All surplus from sales is donated to NGOs that support Danish landscape, nature and wildlife.

Problem statement: Current customers are mostly aged above 65 years old. Landbrugslotteriet would like to target younger customers to broaden their customers spectrum without alienating existing customers.

Solution: New sister brand with a new, fresh approach that speaks to younger players.




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Key Findings: There are many bigger fish in the ocean, but not many that support good cause. Based on the interviews that we did with 'old' target group, good cause behind the game is a big factor when they are choosing which lottery to play. Danes are generally generous in culture and they like to help those in need.

Landbrugslotteriet's current brand is thoroughly defined: their communication is clear and simple. However, they focus a lot on farming aspect, when in fact the NGOs that they support are focused not only on farming, but also Danish forests, animal protection, hiking trails and nutrition. The focus on farming content might not resonate enough with younger people.

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Poster design for Jordnodslotteriet

Brand Strategy

In the new strategy we elevate the sustainability rather than farming. We communicate having fun while helping the Earth in a tone that resonates with the target group. With the name and imagery we aim to appear cozy and familiar, almost nostalgic, but also fun and cool.


...that fun and social responsibility do not have to contradict. We believe that positive change comes through playfulness and fun ideas.


...playful. We reframe the concept of fun and see things differently. We are tackling often complicated topics in a fun way. We are memorable and bold.


To reshape the act of playing a lottery through a focus on collective care and social responsibility.


Fun and social responsibility do not have to be contradictory. Our players support local environmental initiatives through engagement in a game.



Brand Personality

Jester – playful, entertaining, and inviting brand archetype that doesn’t judge and brings joy. The brand personality is humorous and innovative.


Jordnødslotteriet (engl. transl. Peanut Lottery) is a playful name that works well with the brand joyful archetype. It has mostly positive connotations and evokes positive nostalgia.

The name is also metaphorical and contains hidden meaning - necessity to help the Earth, as it embraces two words Jord (eng. transl. Earth) and Nød (eng. transl. need/ distress/ nut).

The name Jordnødslotteriet is for the target group easily memorable and captures the joyful nature of the brand.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice of the Jordnødslotteriet is positive, fun and encouraging. The name of the lottery enables us to use hidden puns and idioms around the word “nut” as well as focus on topics such as “playfulness”, “entertainment” or “sustainability”.


Slogan animation



Outdoor billboard design for Jordnodslotteriet

Visual Identity


The logo depicts a peanut cracked in two asymmetrical halves standing on the sides of the logotype. Plakat Grotesk was chosen as the font for the logotype as it captures the funky and joyous nature of the lottery’s name.

A whole peanut without logotype is used for small spaces, such as favicon or social media profile photo.

Jordnodslotteriet logo design and logo mark


We picked colours that would differentiate Jordnødslotteriet from the competitors and at the same time go with Jester brand personality, as well as nostalgia concept.

Color palette for Jordnodslotteriet


Plakat Grotesk is the main typeface of the Jordnødslotteriet brand identity. It is a quirky Grotesk typeface developed by Good Type Foundry inspired by typefaces found on old posters, signs and newspapers. We use the bold weight of the typeface because of its rich and tasty shapes, that play together with our Jester brand personality.

Jordnodslotteriet typography

Myriad Pro is a neutral and flexible sans-serif typeface developed mostly for use in a digital environment that contrasts well with expressive Plakat Grotesk. Myriad Pro is a secondary typeface that can be used for larger paragraphs thanks to its good legibility.

Jordnodslotteriet typography


Photography is set to be fun, depicting excitement, surprise, victory, laughter and anticipation. Photography is always used in colour to preserve the joyfulness of the brand.

Visual Identity imagery example
Visual Identity imagery example
Visual Identity imagery example
Visual Identity imagery example

Brand Guidelines

We created brand guidelines to document the new brand from start to finish, as well as to ensure consistency in Jordnøslotteriet future materials.

Brand book for Jordnodslotteriet Brand book for Jordnodslotteriet

Design Examples

Jordnodslotteriet Instagram story design
Jordnodslotteriet Instagram story design
Outdoor design for Jordnodslotteriet Outdoor design for Jordnodslotteriet Slogans for Jordnodslotteriet Outdoor poster design for Jordnodslotteriet
Jordnodslotteriet business cards
Jordnodslotteriet business cards
Jordnodslotteriet Instagram story design
Jordnodslotteriet animation
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