Tote bag design for Dien Bien
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Dien Bien is a local store in a small town in Slovakia known also as 'store with everything' as people tend to call it.

The creation of an illustrated tote bag serves a dual purpose: to effectively promote the brand to the public while simultaneously providing a useful and visually engaging item for sale. The intent is to establish a positive and enjoyable connection between the brand and its audience. By opting for a tote bag, we offer a practical item that has everyday utility while also ensuring its aesthetics align with the brand's identity.


Dien Bien


Tote Bag Design


The inspiration for the creative direction is rooted in Dien Bien's well-established reputation for offering a wide range of products. This reputation serves as the foundation upon which the design choices were made. The illustrations featured on the tote bag deliberately span a broad selection of products, aiming to encapsulate the extensive diversity available at Dien Bien's store. This approach not only entices the audience by showcasing the variety of offerings but also reinforces the notion that Dien Bien is a one-stop destination for a comprehensive shopping experience. By thoughtfully integrating Dien Bien's reputable product range into the design, we create a tangible representation of the brand's value, ensuring that the bag becomes not just a promotional tool, but also a practical companion for those who encounter it.

Tote bag design for Dien Bien
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