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Coraline is an aquarium company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is a gateway to an enchanting underwater world, creating immersive aquatic experiences that transport individuals into a realm of wonder and awe. From breathtaking marine exhibits to captivating home aquariums, Coraline brings the beauty and serenity of the ocean into people's lives.

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The objective of this project is to create Logo and Visual identity for the newly established brand, as well as new website. We wanted to capture the enchanting underwater world that Coraline is.




Logo, Marketing Collateral, Web Design

Coraline badge design



The primary logo features a logotype that incorporates a minimalistic coral illustration into the letters L and I. Blimey was selected as the font for the logotype because of its playful letter forms and bold weight, ensuring the logo's visibility against an illustrated backdrop. The addition of a water wave detail flowing through the lower part of the logo helps to blend the logo with the aquatic nature of visual identity.

Coraline logo design


The secondary logo is a variation in blue color and is used when there is no visual identity context, for example on letterheads. The intention is to emphasize blue color as primary color of Coraline visual identity.

Coraline logo design


Logo can be used with the tagline for better context, provided that background allows it.

Coraline logo pinkCoraline logo blue


The logomark is only used for small spaces, where whole logo would not fit, such as favicon or social media profile photo.

Coraline logo icon
Coraline logo icon

One Color

The one color versions should only be used for single-color printing purposes.

Coraline logo blackCoraline logo white
Coraline business card design

Visual Identity


The colours that we picked represent enchanting underwater world that Coraline is. They are bright, highly saturated and work well on illustrations.



Blimey is the main typeface of the Coraline visual identity. It is used exclusively for headers.

Georama is a Google font available in several widths and weights. Coraline uses Regular and Bold weight.

Typography for Coraline


The following illustrations are part of Coraline visual identity and can be used as background in marketing collateral. They capture enchanting underwater world.

Sketch of illustration idea in sketchbookCoraline background image
Coraline background image
Coraline background image
Coraline background image
Coraline background image

Design Examples

Coraline logo applied on a paper bag
Coraline logo applied on a building
Coraline business card design
Coraline tote bag design
Coraline employee tag design
Coraline signage designCoraline badge designCoraline billboard design

Web Design

Illustration web design for Coraline
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